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Modern and Contemporary Art based in Hamburg and Berlin

© Mascha Pohl

Over ten years ago, our journey began with a simple passion for art. It’s this passion that led our founder to gather an eclectic mix of prints, paintings, and editions, marking the start of what would become Kollektion888.

Our founder, preferring to stay out of the spotlight, believes the focus should be on the art and the artists. Thats why we named the collection after his lucky number, the angel number for infinity and karma.

The collection started with pieces from artists like Colin Christian, Aaron Young, and Pakpoom Silaphan. These early acquisitions laid the groundwork for the collection’s diverse and evolving character. The collection grew to include works from street art luminaries such as BAST and Faile, adding a raw and urban edge.

In recent times, Kollektion888 has embraced works from Cristina de Miguel, Eddy Martinez, Jenny Brosinski, Studio Fabian Knecht, and Studio Andreas Greiner. These additions reflect our ongoing exploration of new artistic expressions and support for a broad range of creative voices.

Kollektion888 isn’t about following a particular theme or style. It’s a collection built on a love for art in all its forms. Here, you’ll find a celebration of creativity and artistic expression, showcasing how contemporary art continues to evolve and inspire. We invite you to explore Kollektion888 and see the world through the diverse and imaginative lens of our artists.